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S.P.E.E.D. Services for Professional Education & Enterprise Development

“The classes are actually fun, interesting and give you lots of tips which are useful in corporate communication. The instructors are very caring and they make the lessons very engaging and participatory. The course is designed to suit our needs and not the other way around.”

~ Ms. Badhan, Engineer, Trust Alliance, Learner in ELT Program


S.P.E.E.D. Youth S.P.E.E.D. Youth

SPEED Youth is a leading youth development organization in Bangladesh focused on promoting the physical, educational, and life skills necessary to prepare and empower young people aged 8-18 to undertake leadership roles in their communities and to bring success in their personal lives.

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Since its inception in 2009, SPEED Youth has served over 300 students through its winter, summer and school-year programs.

About SPEED Youth

In 2009, SPEED expanded its work to include programs in youth development. SPEED Youth was born out of the concern that there aren't enough opportunities outside of school and private tutoring for youth to interact with other young people in positive and safe environments.

SPEED Youth programs ensure that young people from all backgrounds can come together under one roof to interact and enhance communication and socialization. Our programs engage youth in meaningful skill-building activities that allow for leadership development and personal growth, while also equipping young people with the knowledge and skills to become healthy, competent, coping and contributing individuals.


To empower young people to reach their full potential outside school, working and learning in a stimulating environment in order to be productive, caring, disciplined and responsible citizens.

Program Goals:

  • Leadership: the ability to influence and support others in a positive manner for a common goal.
  • Citizenship: the opportunity, right, and responsibility to contribute to shaping the world around oneself and provide service to others.
  • Creativity: the ability to create ideas and objects using different perspectives, in a unique way
  • Personal Life Management: the skills needed to navigate in a changing world and to lead a healthy lifestyle, including discipline, communication skills and service.
  • Knowledge and Skills: the mastery of new skills, concepts and information related to areas of individual interest.

Why Choose SPEED Youth?

Our approach is simple: we believe in the strengths of young people and their potential to do great things in the future. SPEED Youth's programs help to facilitate the development of our youth so that they can be the leaders of tomorrow in whatever career they choose.

The following attributes make our programs unique:

  • Youth-centered approach that encourages discussion, question asking, and critical thinking
  • Variety of interactive activities to choose from so youth are engaged and actively participate in their learning process
  • Staff is trained in conflict mediation skills and basic principles of youth development
  • We work with both young people and their parents to understand our policies and Code of Conduct so that if problems arise we can work together to address them
  • Safe and secure facilities - Our programs are held in secure buildings like SPEED's Gemcon facility or in partnership with a variety of school campuses around Dhaka.

We are currently offering the following programs under SPEED Youth (click to learn more!):

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