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S.P.E.E.D. Services for Professional Education & Enterprise Development

“The classes are actually fun, interesting and give you lots of tips which are useful in corporate communication. The instructors are very caring and they make the lessons very engaging and participatory. The course is designed to suit our needs and not the other way around.”

~ Ms. Badhan, Engineer, Trust Alliance, Learner in ELT Program


English Language Training (ELT) program

In recent years, SPEED has experienced enormous growth in its clientele base for General and Business English courses at various levels. Some of the clients of the ELT program include renowned organizations such as the British High Commission, Trust Alliance Technologies Limited, Eastern Bank Limited, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB), NCC Bank, Australian School, and Scholastica. More than 500 learners have completed an English language course successfully from SPEED till date.

Our Teaching Methods

SPEED's English courses are designed using the principles of Communicative Language Teaching, which focus on teaching language through practice of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our approach involves interactive, participatory training techniques that have proved to be very effective. Both individual and collaborative learning are included in our teaching methodology. Participants who take our courses develop their skills to communicate in English through practice of grammar and usage, and they build their confidence and fluency.

The following teaching methods are used as part of our training programs:

  • Role play, interviews
  • Identifying information gaps, and reading comprehension exercises
  • Pronunciation games and drilling
  • Language exchange / oral translations
  • Group work and discussions
  • Debate, presentations and discussion of case studies
  • Videos and various listening activities
  • Written exercises and all kinds of writing practice and guidance
  • Practice and discussion on various kinds of professional communication, both verbal and written

Under our ELT Program area, we offer a range of courses to provide for different needs and abilities. Most of our courses lead to Cambridge ESOL Examinations, a globally recognized certification.


ELT Courses Offered by SPEED

Click on the links below to learn about our English courses:

  • Business English: designed for working professionals in a corporate context
  • General English: designed primarily for teachers and school managers
  • Teaching English: designed for English teachers, particularly those who teach English in the high school level
  • Speaking and Pronunciation: designed for working professionals in different contexts - both schools and companies
  • Business Communication: designed for working professionals in different contexts, including both verbal and written communication

Our Resource Persons

The trainers at SPEED are all qualified, mostly with degrees in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and years of experience in teaching. They have each worked with SPEED for at least a year and have been evaluated very highly. We provide the CVs of trainers to clients prior to the launching of a course, upon request.