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S.P.E.E.D. Services for Professional Education & Enterprise Development

“The classes are actually fun, interesting and give you lots of tips which are useful in corporate communication. The instructors are very caring and they make the lessons very engaging and participatory. The course is designed to suit our needs and not the other way around.”

~ Ms. Badhan, Engineer, Trust Alliance, Learner in ELT Program

There have been substantial changes to the syllabus and structure of the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). In years past, CIDTT has been a Diploma course comprising of four modules. For examination 2015 onwards, the Diploma course will be re-structured with a new name CCiTL and it will now be required that candidates first complete a Certificate in Teaching and Learning before they can enroll in the new Diploma course CDiTL starting from January,2015.

Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning by Cambridge International Examinations

The Certificate (CCiTL) and Diploma (CDiTL) in Teaching and Learning are specialized courses designed to help teachers develop essential professional knowledge and skills. The Certificate and Diploma programs are for practicing teachers. They focus on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in the key aspects of teaching and learning. They are inclusive and relevant to all teaching and learning contexts. They help teachers to explore and apply new ideas in their own context, integrate new approaches in their own practice, and demonstrate their professional development as reflective practitioners.

Cambridge Certificate in Teaching and Learning (CCiTL)

The Certificate is designed so that candidates can demonstrate their professional thinking and practice as clearly and efficiently as possible. It is an 5-month course. The Certificate comprises three units related to practice, and forms Module 1: Exploring teaching and learning of the Diploma in Teaching and Learning.

Unit 1: Understanding principles of learning and teaching

Unit 2: Teaching an effective lesson

Unit 3: Facilitating active learning through effective teaching

Cambridge Diploma in Teaching and Learning (CDiTL)

CDiTL is a 7-month course. The Certificate is a foundation for the Diploma. So CCiTL must be successfully completed by candidates who want to enroll in the CDiTL course (so those who complete CDiTL will take a total of 12 months to complete both the Certificate and Diploma).
The Diploma comprises three modules related to practice: 12 months in total (including certificate)
Module 1: Exploring teaching and learning (Certificate- 5 months)
Module 2: Teaching and learning in action (4 months)
Module 3: Developing professional practice (3 months)

SPEED Certificate in Teaching Skills (SCITS)

The candidates enrolled in the CCiTL course also have the option to choose local certification - the SPEED Certification in Teaching Skill (SCiTS) - which will follow almost the same course as CCiTL but will not lead towards a certificate from Cambridge International Examinations. This is a low-cost option for in-service teachers.

Learn more about the Diploma on the CIE website.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Improved practice: Cambridge qualifications for teachers and trainers provide the framework for continuing professional development, so teachers and trainers can reflect on, develop and improve their professional practice systematically and continuously.
  • International benchmark: Developed specifically for international education and training environments, Cambridge qualifications for teachers and trainers embody performance standards valued in countries around the world. They provide an international quality mark of excellence.
  • Increased employability and professional development: Individuals with formal evidence of their qualifications have a far greater chance of getting better jobs than those who can only demonstrate practical teaching experience.
  • A flexible approach: Teachers can prepare for the qualifications at their own pace. Because all assessments are available on demand, candidates can enter when they are ready, rather than waiting for a fixed examination session.
  • Value for money: Cambridge qualifications for teachers and trainers offer a high- quality, good value solution to professional development needs.

Course Details

  • Duration: CCiTL is a 5-month course (120 instructional hours approximately). CDiTL is the 12 months course which includes module 1(CCiTL-5 months), module 2 (4 month) and module 3 (3 months). The whole diploma course duration is 360 hours.
  • Award: Candidates will be graded for each module according to aforementioned pre-set criteria. Upon successful completion of each module, participants will be awarded for the Cambridge Certificate and Diploma in Teaching and Learning. The both courses will be awarded by Cambridge International Examinations. Candidates who satisfy each module's criteria and assignment requirements will receive a pass or a distinction.
  • Location and Timing : CCiTL and CDiTL courses are offered both on weekdays afternoons and weekends. They are offered in different parts of the city Uttara, Gulshan, Mirpur and Dhanmondi and can also be offered on the premises of individual schools.
  • Trainers: SPEED's trainers all have successfully completed the CIDTT Diploma themselves, usually with a Distinction. They all have completed a extensive TOT (Training for Trainers) in order to train the potential candidates under the new CIE curriculum of by Cambridge Program Development Qualification PDQ. They all follow a carefully-designed curriculum and teaching methods prescribed by SPEED. They are regularly observed and monitored by SPEED staff. Please click here to read about some of our regular trainers.
  • Recognition of CCiTL and CDiTL: Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications are accredited by the Institute of Education. The Certificates are accredited with 60 credits at Level 4 of the Quality Assurance Agency Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ). The Institute of Education is ranked as the worlds top education research centre..

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