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S.P.E.E.D. Services for Professional Education & Enterprise Development

“The classes are actually fun, interesting and give you lots of tips which are useful in corporate communication. The instructors are very caring and they make the lessons very engaging and participatory. The course is designed to suit our needs and not the other way around.”

~ Ms. Badhan, Engineer, Trust Alliance, Learner in ELT Program

S.P.E.E.D Staff

Our Team

The management team of SPEED is led by Syeda Madiha Murshed, who has an excellent track record in teaching, consulting, and implementing programs which include various Professional Development Programs for adults. Madiha graduated from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs in 2002 with a Masters in International Affairs, and a concentration in Economic and Political Development. She received a Bachelor's Degree, Magna Cum Laude, in Development Economics from Harvard College in 1999. Since May 2006, Syeda Madiha Murshed has served as Executive Director of SPEED. She is also the Managing Director of Scholastica, a well-regarded English-medium private school in Bangladesh, working on various management and administrative issues in Scholastica including faculty affairs, curriculum development and student-parent relationships. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of World Savvy, an educational nonprofit organization based in the United States.

The management team at SPEED comprises qualified individuals, with years of teaching or training experience. Their track record is excellent, and they all consistently develop and implement training programs that receive praise and high evaluation scores from participants and clients. The course coordinators work closely with the Trainers and Resource Persons to design effective training programs that will achieve the stated objectives. The management team members coordinate all courses and often also act as Resource Persons.

  • Mr. Syed Maher Murshed Mr. Syed Maher Murshed Managing Director
  • Ms. Syeda Madiha Murshed Ms. Syeda Madiha Murshed Executive Director
  • Ms. Nadia Zamal Chowdhury Ms. Nadia Zamal Chowdhury Senior Manager, Corporate Professional Development and English Language Training
  • Ms. Mahmuda Yasmin Ms. Mahmuda Yasmin Senior Coordinator, Schools Program
  • Ms. Faria H. Khan Ms. Faria H. Khan Coordinator, Schools Program
  • Ms. Samia Mallik Ms. Samia Mallik Deputy Manager, Operations, Youth Development Program
  • Mr. Mohammad Khalid Mr. Mohammad Khalid Deputy Manager, Group Training, Operations and Marketing
  • Ms. Tehmina Malek Tehmina Malek Senior Officer, Operations, Schools Program
  • Ms. Munira Saifuddin Ms. Munira Saifuddin Senior Officer, Operations, Schools Program
  • Ms. Sabrina Islam Ms. Sabrina Islam Senior Officer, Operations, English Language Training and Youth Development Program
  • Ms. Ummey Asma Beauty Mr. Abdullah Al Maruf Senior Officer, Operations
  • Ms. Ummey Asma Beauty Ms. Ummey Asma Beauty Manager, Executive Office